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Registered Clubs

This year there will be no startlists for every club at the competitionday.Please get your startlists from the links below.

Registration Stops at Sunday 30/9.

The Startlists is going up on this side for downloading during Tuesday 2/10.

All the coaches has to check the lists for faults and contact us in case of faults. After Thursday 4/10 we can`t do any correcting in the lists. If you detect faults after that we have to do corrections in the morning of the competitionsday

Further down on this side there will be uppdated lists when faults are detected.

Mail to Registration manager




Changed Protocols



Registered Clubs Registered Competitors

Registered Teams

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Inoue-Ha Shito-Ryu Keishin-Kai • Box 2143 • 650 02 KARLSTAD • Tel. 054-56 45 90 • E-mail. kansli@karlstad-karate.nu