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Invitation to Heian Cup

No outsideshoes are allowed inside the sportsarena.  

Welcome to Heian Cup, a competition for the ages 7-17.

SITE: Fröding Arena Posthornsgatan 6B 656 32 Karlstad.

Map to sportsauditorium >>>>>>>>

Start: Saturday 5 of October 09.30

Weigh in : Saturday in the sportsauditorium from 10.00

Registration: Sportdata on Direct Link to Sportdata >>>>>>>>>>>

Entry fee : 7-13 years old 250 Skr/class, 14-17 years old 300 Skr/class , Team under 14 y old 500 Skr, Team over 13 Y old 600 Skr.

Payment: Pg 73 35 92-0  Karlstad Karate Förening.

Payment information, foreign guests:

IBAN: SE83 3000 0000 0302 5171 0459


Bank: Nordea  Box 1008  SE-65115  Karlstad.

Classes with 3-4 participants is performed by Round Robin.
Classes with 5 ore more participants is performed by Brasilian elimination with repechage.
All Teamclasses is performed by Brasilian elimination without repechage.
The classes 7-11 Y old will perform the kata both participants at the same time.
12-13 Y old do there Kata single.



Juniors and cadetts WKF OG standard.
The category of 7-13 yers old follows the children rules by Swedish karatefederation. In kumite the category 7-13 y old uses the red and blue hand and foot/leg protectors


Cadets and Juniors has to do different katas from WKF Katalist in every round.
The category 7-13 y old can use the same kata in every round.

Check out www.swekarate.se.


Organizers: Karlstad Karate Förening, Kils KF och Sunne KF.


Lennart Larsson, Karlstad Karate Förening.


Inoue-Ha Shito-Ryu Keishin-Kai • Box 2143 • 650 02 KARLSTAD • Tel. 054-56 45 90 • E-mail. kansli@karlstad-karate.nu